28 May 2008

Trip to the River

The crew (Lisa, Lisa T, Rachael, Tony, John the Welsh, and I) took off for Kampsville today. It was a great trip. On the way back John the Welsh climbed out of the window while I was going down I-72 and caused quite a panic. I don't think Tony will ever forgive him, but I thought it was hilarious and caught hell for saying so. (I recently watched Grindhouse and the Tarantino bit has a similar stunt.)

The food at Louie's was excellent as usual: catfish fritters, fried buffalo, fried veggies, and corn fritters. Some high-proof peppermint schnapps and beers aplenty to wash it all down.

After a second trip on the ferry, some stellar back-road adventures and the aforementioned Welsh stunt we got back in the nick of time and I retired home after one (ok...two) more pints at the old Shamrock (where we all met to begin with). A fine day indeed.

More trip photos and videos.

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