26 August 2008


Those of you from the States who are regular readers of this missive might be thinking, "Boy, it sure would be nice to talk to old Joe, but that is impossible." Not so, my friends. I have Unlimited World Calling through Skype.com and I can call you and talk to you as easy as pie. Simply send me an email message and include your phone number and whether you would like a call in the early evening (5-7 PM CDT) or in the early morning (7-9 AM CDT) and I will call you up. I have already talked to several people this week and I think it brightened their day considerable. If you are in Korea and you want me to call you, get in line.

Just kidding, of course. I have made so many friends around the world through this blog it boggles the mind. When I imagine people in Malaysia and Israel and the Czech Republic reading about my triumphs and travails, let alone my testicles, it tickles me to the tell the truth. Several people living and working here in Korea have written their encouragement and/or sympathy and for that I am also thankful. We passed 550 unique visits for the first time this week and now have readership on every continent excepting Africa (and Antarctica, of course, but those people are rather busy this time of year, it being Winter and all). I never dreamed such a thing was possible. If you enjoy the blog don't hesitate to say hi.

I have made another Short Film, called "The Baby On the Bus." It has neither babies or buses, but it does open with a self-shot close-up of my face. You have been warned. Several people have requested more photos and I am sorry for the delay in getting those on. I had a major formatting error on the camera's memory card and lost quite a few. I should have some more soon.

The weather here continues to be marvelous. I had a recollection from early childhood tonight. It was the feeling of walking out into a gorgeous day after being cooped up in school for a long time. I have made a lifestyle out of not being cooped up anywhere for long but now work entails some of that and it is almost worth it to have that feeling. It surprised me. It was a type of wonder that can only be won through the temporary suspension of sensory stimulation. The feeling when the sky and the wind and the sounds of children playing hit you is almost indescribable. It is its own thing.

Film Link: "The Baby On the Bus." Faraway Pictures. (Turn the volume down a bit till it gets going. It is set a little high in the recording.)