08 October 2008

Name That Fruit

I thought it would be nice, given the title of the last post, to contradict myself and literally eat some raw fruit just to show the world (and I guess myself too) that I am not a chickenshit and can still eat raw fruits and vegetables in Korea. I just don't know what I am eating. I meant to buy some tomatoes to go with my canned tuna. I got off the bus one stop early and went to the street vendor there and bought these beauties. I got them home and started cutting them up and noticed immediately that they don't have seeds. I thought: "Hey, I like seedless tomatoes! Wait. Seedless tomatoes?" Then I tasted one. It ain't tomato. I have no idea what it is. They are actually quite good. A bit of mellow sweetness and a very light flavor. The closest I can come to the taste is cantaloupe, but that isn't right either. If you know what they are let me know, and if you need a better look, click the pic.

By the way. I scrubbed them with soap.

I had intended to get a post on my trip out tonight, since it will be Sunday before I can work on it again. But when I plugged my card into the computer I realized I had 535 pictures. I want to publish the photos with the posts and it will take a little time to get through them. Some of them are rather good I think and I want to work on them a bit. So bear with me. There will be a Gyeongju post shortly.