03 November 2008

Holding my Breath

One of the things I am most grateful for about coming to Korea is that I dodged the brunt of another presidential election. I do keep up on the news back home but I am never in a situation where I am forced to watch Fox "news" out of the corner of my eye (Sangamo Club) or listen to Rush Limbaugh sound bites (Cardinal games on WTAX). These things I don't miss. Even filtered however, news of this election has been disheartening. I and others (notably The Economist, my primary print source of international news) thought that this election had the potential, because of the two candidates, to be an above the belt affair. Sadly, this potential has not been realized. I had a great deal of respect for McCain prior to this election. I didn't always agree with his views but I felt that he was frank about them and had the kind of integrity woefully lacking in the rest of his party's leadership. All that went out the window with the nomination of Sarah Palin, about whom less said's the better. It seems since that time McCain has lost what little control over the character assassins heading his campaign. There have, to be fair, been warnings from many Republican operatives that Palin might permanently destroy the party, but this, sadly, is unlikely. This election, should it lead to a Democratic victory, will likely spell the end of a NeoCon minority controlling the Republican party, as it has for the last 25 years, and this can only be good for everyone. Indications are that the Christian right, fiscal conservatives, and Purple state labor have finally seen through the lies and are prepared to defect. If so it would mean the end of the Hannitys and Rowes. I should probably wait to post this until after the election but what the heck. I am a blogging maverick.