11 July 2008

Hasty Pudding

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings in recuperation mode. Moving very little. Thursday was me birthday and the teachers had a little party for me after school, which was nice. Thursday morning we went to the Busan Aquarium, which is actually under Haeundae Beach. The kids loved it and it was nice to have a break. We go on these field trips quite regularly. My first day, if you recall, we went to the horse track. Thursday evening about eight of us went out to my favorite samgyeopsal restaurant, which is near the school.

I hate to keep harping on this sunburn, but this is no ordinary sunburn. My peelings are peeling and I am down to organs in places now. It quite smarts. (I have noticed various Britishisms are creeping into my speech. This is likely more as a result of the content of borrowed fiction than my personal associations, but, regardless, it is annoying. I will attempt to correct them where better Americanisms suffice.) I had planned to go on a beach outing this Sunday but if things do not improve dramatically in the next 36 hours that will likely be impossible.

Stuart (Sarah's boyfriend, here on a software project, if you aren't keeping up) has a birthday on Tuesday so we are having a kind of joint celebration tomorrow at the ballpark. I am really looking forward to it.

That is really all at this time. I should have lots of exciting weekend tidbits soon. Also, a new camera is in the works. TTYL=Talk to you later.