16 September 2008


Korea has two major holidays, the Lunar New Year (in January or February) and Ch'usok (pronounced "chewsock") which was this past weekend. It's closest American counterpart is Memorial Day, but Koreans, because of their traditional veneration of ancestors, take this very seriously. Everyone who possibly can is expected to gather with their relatives for family feasts that last for days. They also tend and perform rites at the graves of their ancestors, leaving fruit and meat and pouring out soju as gifts to them.

Last Thursday we had a Ch'usok celebration at school and I was able to take many pictures of the children in their traditional clothes, brightly colored silk outfits called "hanbok." The directors also provided me with a suit of hanbok clothing and I was more than willing to try it on. It was an elaborate constum of mostly pink silk. I look fantastic, as you will see in the pictures. We played traditional Korean games, in most of which I was able to participate. They also made some of the moon shaped rice cakes that are eaten at this time and used in ceremony. It was a great time and the children were more beautiful than ever.

You may view the photos in the following album: KoreaPics17. Enjoy!