08 September 2008

Flying Home

Yep, I am still here. It's another quiet wind-down Sunday night here at home. I have always found Sunday nights to be extremely depressing. This one is no exception.

So I have decided to go home. Right now. I am on my way.

First, I'm going to a little place where ne'erdowells like me like to sit and drink. Next stop is a little old time bar where my name is well known to the proprietor. On down the road a ways to another little watering hole where the PBR is always real cold and the hummingbirds are thick. I am getting a little buzzed about now but there is a little daylight left and I can fly in this satellite so I am heading south to get some catfish fritters. That sobered me up a little so I think I'll head downriver to get some ribs. Time for another beer or two, and some salsa would be good with that. I am going to sleep. And when I wake up at the Ruebel tomorrow morning I am going to get some chick-on-a-stick. (If you think you know all the places on the satellite tour send me an email. No fair zooming out either.)

I feel better now. And I am here at home (which isn't too far from work or the beach).

It was a magnificent day, weather wise. The sun shines differently here and today was crystal clear with a brilliant blue sky. Maybe it is the contrast with the green of the mountains or the gray of the city or maybe it is the proximity of the sea, but these days when it is sunny make everything vivid. It's like living in high definition.

We went on the cable car to the top of the tallest mountain in town today. At the top we looked down on the city lay spread out below. It didn't look real. The bridge and the ocean were visible in the middle distance and the towers sparkled in the haze. After a while we came back down and went on the bumper cars at the little amusement park there. We laughed and laughed.

The goodbyes are getting harder. I think I have the train station blues.